An effective method for coherent communication

Design = creativity + strategy

It all starts with the learning and discovery process: gaining a deep understanding of an industry, competitors, objectives, roadblocks and opportunities that allow the designer to formulate an executable strategy. The goal is to determine what is appropriate, accessible and logical. Start by asking yourself… what are we trying to accomplish?

As a creative designer with over 15 years of experience, I apply my skills in building visual assets that above all require the use of an effective methodology. Indeed, beyond design skills, the creation of these assets requires strategic thinking applied to design. This approach allows to find creative solutions that meet business objectives and bring measurable results.
As a creative lead, my mission is to convey a coherent and consistent vision, internally and externally. My design leadership, along with a deep understanding of branding and marketing (mMBA in Brand Management) contribute to a long-term Brand equity.